Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can a director of Leading institute work as Project manager?

No, to avoid a possible conflict of interests according to the ISTC rules a Authority of a Leading or Participating Institute cannot carry out the duties of a Project Manager respective Submanager.

List of references

What do you mean with "List of references"

Deat Sir, I couldn't open my page in ISTC forum. Login or paasword is not correct. but I used this password several times before. I sent request fo receiving new password , but I didn't receve it yet

If you send a question using FAQ you are anonymous and ISTC cannot check your status. When did you send the request for a new password? Please state also your email address. Please send an email to with a description of the error or/and - if possible - a screen shot.

How I can blank participating institutes? I couldn't save Tasks without indicating participating institutes

Every Task or Subtask has to be matched to an Institution. You cannot create a new Task if you did not select the Institution. Before you can select a Institution you have to create it in menu "Participants". If you want to create a Task for more than one Institutions you should create the Task for the leading institution and then create Subtasks for every Institution.

What documents should I upload in the option Document?

It is recommended to upload large documents or images like e.g. lists of publications or list of references.

If I created a document («Title» - «Status» - «Create Word Document») and I want to open it an error message appears: We're sorry. We can't open xxx.docx because we found a problem with its contents.

This error arises if you copied a text block, which contains multilevel bulleted or numbered list, into a input field. We recommend to remove all bulleted or numbered lists before you copy this text block into the input field of our web site. Then use the possibilities of the input field to reformat your text.

Can I (as a Project Manager) participate in tasks of another Institute?

No, you cannot collaborate directly in Tasks of other institutes. In this case you should create a Subtask for your institution - it is not essential that the work will be fulfilled in locations of another institution.

Can project participants work in several subtasks?

Yes, a Project Participant can work in all Tasks or Subtasks, which are defined for his institution. A Project Participant cannot work in a Task or Subtask, which is defined for another institution.

Can two Institutes participate in one subtask?

No, for every institution has to be created a own Subtask.

How many days per quarter can a project participant be engaged in a project?

The maximum possible number of days is equal to the number of working days within a quarter. If someone wants to work on weekends or holidays a previous approval is needed. But the total allowable number of days for one work year is limited to 250 days. By a work year you should not understand peremtory a calendar year - it is a time period of four sequenced quarters.