Governing Board Project Proposal funding decision

During the 70th ISTC Governing Board meeting, which was held on 15 July 2020, the Japanese Party informed that the Project Proposals KZ-2620 (Mobility and bioavailability of artificial radionuclides), KZ-2611 (Radiocarbon analysis for predicting the climate change) and GE-2606 (Greenhouse Gases Utilization) will be funded by Japan.


Project Proposals, which did not get funding, receive the status «Proposal review». That means that proposals can be edited by the proposal author to be upgraded. In Addition comments made by the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) will be visible under «Aggregated SAC Comment» in menu «Evaluation» of the proposal.


The next deadline for preparation of Project Proposals to be evaluated by the ISTC Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is 15 March 2021. Please take into consideration that the ISTC Secretariat staff should check whether proposal information is entered completely. The author can check it by clicking the «Status» button in menu "«Title» of the Project Proposal.